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From you, with love x 

Something special, for someone special. Gifting with The StoneCold Studio is always appreciated and even more when you're Gifted the opportunity to shop yourself! 


Some notes :

  • The gift card, available in various amounts to accommodate your budget. 
  • The Gift Card will be delivered to person of purchase via email only.
  • A pdf print of a THE STONECOLD STUDIO GIFT CARD will be sent to person of purchase available to print for person of purchase to gift a physical card if need be. 
  • The Gift Card voucher code will only be known to person of purchase and not a member of our team. 
  • Gift cards can be redeemed at checkout. 
  • If you would require any further information regarding the gift card, please contact us via before purchasing. 
  • If you have been Gifted a gift card and would like assistance redeeming, please get in touch via however, do not share your code unless completely necessary.
  • All items are available for purchase with a gift card, except for another gift card. A gift card can be used multiple times until the amount on your gift card is used up completely and funds are enough to make a purchase. Please use wisely.


happy gifting ! x